Doms all India creative genius contest

School name.
Green field public school
C4 / 86 a yamuna vihar delhi 53
Principal name mrs prerna barsarley .
Nursery in charge. Mrs veena kapoor.
The total strength of the school 1700 no
Nursery +. Pree nursery & k g 250 .
Today independently. Conducated activities in 250 children’s.
With the school teachers + nursery incharge + 7 class teachers.
Doms handwriting masters provided to all participants.
On the spot given demonstrated to fill dotted line with help of fusion pencils. Children’s participated shown keen interest in object’s to fill.
Laterly certificate to all participants awarded.
To all.
Good show.
This is a new school located by me.
Few of doms pencils short. I replaced with other brand of wooden pencils of doms.